Making Healthcare Better for Everyone

At some point in everyone's life, the quality of care will be a matter not just of public concern, but of personal interest.

Masspro is one of the leading healthcare assessment and quality improvement companies in the United States. We are also the federally endorsed Quality Improvement Organization for Massachusetts.

Dedicated to improving patient care for better patient outcomes, we partner with our clients and the healthcare community to achieve improvements in the delivery of care using validated clinical evidence and data. With our assistance, providers can easily adapt to the ever-changing systems of healthcare and ensure that patients are assured the highest quality of care possible at an optimal cost.

Masspro's Services Lead to Clear Knowledge

Masspro’s quality improvement services lead to clear knowledge about where improvements can be made across all sectors of the healthcare delivery system. We guide national, state, and private clients toward sustainable improvements by using methods that fit the unique needs of different populations. We work across the healthcare continuum and are in close contact with patients, providers, purchasers, and payers - all of whom are partners in our common goal of healthcare excellence in Massachusetts and the nation.

Effective Clinical Measures

Masspro provides expertise in selecting, collecting and analyzing relevant quality indicators to assess the effectiveness of clinical services. We facilitate analyses to identify performance gaps, gather meaningful information to improve the delivery of healthcare services, and help design innovative state and federal programs. Services offered include:

  • Measure selection
  • Data validation
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Quality scoring
  • Payment methodologies

Safe Clinical Care

Masspro works with hospitals, physician offices, long term care facilities, and pharmacies to assist in making the best use of evidence-based quality improvement resources and to adopt best-practice models that improve the delivery of care to individual patients.

Guided by standards set by national and statewide agencies, we empower the healthcare community with tools, education, the latest in improvement science, and a collaborative approach to sustainable quality of care improvements. Areas of expertise include:

  • Patient safety and experience of care
  • Care transitions
  • Health information technology
  • Healthcare acquired conditions, infections and adverse drug events
  • Clinical workflow, outcomes and organizational culture

Efficient Patient Care

With over twenty six years of healthcare review experience, Masspro’s team of specially trained physicians, nurse reviewers and case managers possesses deep clinical knowledge and consistently exceeds stringent quality control standards. Areas of expertise include:

  • Medicare beneficiary services
  • Independent external review
  • Utilization management (admission screening, concurrent and retrospective review)
  • Quality of care review