Improve Medication Management

Medication therapy related adverse events are the most common type of preventable healthcare associated adverse event. ADEs disproportionately affect patients over the age of 65 across the healthcare continuum, including hospitals, ambulatory care and long-term care facilities. They result in more than four million visits to the ED, doctor offices and other outpatient settings, and are responsible for over 117,000 hospitalizations each year. (Budnitz, DA et al., 2006)


As part of the national initiative to reduce adverse drug events (ADE) by 90%, Masspro is committed to assisting providers in integrating clinical pharmacy services and patient-centered care models to improve patient outcomes, reduce costs, and avoid readmissions. Services provided include:

  • Guidance to enroll in and participate with the Patient Safety and Clinical Pharmacy Services (PSPC) Collaborative.
  • Assistance to identify gaps in care performance and select sustainable models for improvement.
  • Support for staff engagement, education, and team building with a goal of improved care coordination.
  • Help with integrating the pharmacist in the hands-on direct care staff and improve medication therapy management.
  • On-site assistance as needed.

Patient Safety and Clinical Pharmacy Services Collaborative

Masspro brings hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, physician offices, community-based pharmacies, schools of pharmacy, community health centers and state health organizations to participate in the Patient Safety and Clinical Pharmacy Services Collaborative (PSPC). The PSPC builds a healthcare safety net for Medicare beneficiaries with multiple chronic conditions at risk for potentially negative consequences from taking multiple medications. Providers who join Masspro’s ADE initiative will be contributing to the national goal of reducing ADEs in 265,000 lives per year.

Besides the opportunity to avail of Masspro's services listed above, participants of the collaborative will:

  • Participate in statewide and national Learning and Action Networks (LAN)
  • Have access to evidence-based tools for assessing medication therapy management processes and implementing safer practices
  • Use the Model for Improvement for rapid-cycle improvement
  • Share best practices via a collaborative model across the healthcare continuum
  • Learn strategies for spreading success within their community

Collaborative Learning and Action

Masspro brings providers across the state together in face-to-face and virtual ‘all-teach, all-learn’ learning and action networks to:

  • Share the latest in improvement science, evidence-based best-practices, resources, and models for accelerating, spreading and sustaining change.
  • Learn from health care experts and thought-leaders.
  • Collaborate with the community to address common challenges and share successful improvement strategies.

In addition to LANs, Masspro facilitates ongoing peer-to-peer interaction, coaching, and sharing of resources as needed via conference calls, webinars and listserv communications.

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